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Breakfast Club 100

a drabble prompt community

The Breakfast Club 100
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a Breakfast Club drabble prompt community

Layout by gossymer

This is the sister community of breakfastclubff, which hosts Breakfast Club fan fiction of all lengths.


1. This community is for posting Breakfast Club drabbles. Please do not post links to stories that are not Breakfast Club related, or are not drabbles (as defined below).

2. Please do not post to advertise other communities or sites. These posts will be deleted immediately. If you would like to advertise these communities, please contact the mods first.

3. Be nice to other posters. Concrit is appropriate, but do it kindly. Flaming will not be tolerated and will result in the user being banned from the community.

4. Ask questions if you are confused. You may either send a private message to one of the mods or leave a comment at any mod post. We will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.

5. Everyone is welcome. Have fun!


1. Every week, one of the mods will post a new prompt. Members of the community then write drabbles based on the prompt and post them to the community for our enjoyment. Drabbling on past prompts is fine. It is also appropriate to post drabbles that are not based on prompts generated by the community, as long as they are an appropriate length.

2. The drabbles should be between 100 and 150 words. Anything longer or shorter can and may be deleted. As always, breakfastclubff accepts stories of any length.

3. Use the correct heading for each drabble. Every drabble needs to go behind a cut, whether it contains adult material or not. For instructions on how to use an LJ-cut, refer to this guide. You may also post a link to the entry on your journal, if you wish.

4. Please use correct grammar and spelling. Everyone makes mistakes, but please proofread your drabble before posting to ensure that we can read it.

5. Please tag your posts with both your username and the prompt (e.g. author: midnightblue88, prompt: hallway). You may also include rating, character, or genre tags if you like. The community tags are created by the mods, which means that you have to choose preexisting tags from the list. If this is your first time posting to the community, don't worry about the username tag; I will create one for you and tag your first post. If you would like to request additional tags, then just respond to a mod post and let us know.

6. Feel free to cross-post your drabbles on breakfastclubff. But please limit your breakfastclubff drabble posts to once weekly to prevent flist spamming. You can include multiple cuts or links in the weekly post.


Word count:
Summary/Author's notes:


When rating your story, you can use the standard American rating system, as follows:

G - Suitable for everyone, including children
PG - Contains mild adult themes
PG-13 - Contains adult themes; may include some language, violence, and adult references.
R - Contains strong adult themes; may include strong language, graphic violence, and non-explicit sexual situations.
NC-17 - Contains explicit adult themes, including graphic sex, extreme graphic violence, and offensive or extremely coarse language.

If you prefer not to use this guide, then please make sure that the rating system you do use is easy to understand.


Genres can include, but are not limited to: angst, drama, romance, humor, smut, AU, tragedy, gen.

Please warn for the following: slash, smut, language, violence, emotional or physical abuse, rape, suicide, self mutilation, incest, or anything else that you feel some readers may feel uncomfortable reading. Please be courteous to your fellow readers and think before you post.

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